Saturday, May 24, 2014

rustic outdoor benches and a fush

Well I was creating some outdoor benches this last couple of days using recycled wood, old scaffold planks and tree stump rings.

The first one I made I put an old fence post in as a brace and the other one I canted the sides in at around 45degrees towards the front which seems to give it strength, both are stable and rigid so I am happy with them. I'm no joiner lol. The other thing I was working on was a salmon, I mounted him on a bit of log and aim to write the house name on the log with a soldering iron. One of the aboriginal skippers at Baystar used to do artwork on boomerangs with this method when he was on standby on a Sunday on his own at work. I used to be doing paintings or something on my laptop when I was there alone too, it passed the time.
The weather has been breezy but dry the last couple of days and I managed to get the lawns cut this morning as well.

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