Sunday, May 4, 2014

responsive web design and wood stacking

Well I had a couple of jobs making websites responsive, this means if someone visits the site on a small screen, like a smart phone then the page is changed so it looks better on that screen, the buttons might be bigger so you can click on them easier and the page will be narrower so you don't have to scroll across to read it. Also the mobile friendly version of the site might have fewer images so it loads quicker and any telephone numbers will open the phones software when they are clicked so you don't need to enter the number manually. I did a wee example with a site of my dogs past and present, I need to find some Kerry pictures somewhere. You might also notice that I have made the pages so they roll when you go to a new page, this is also a new innovation which is fancy, makes it look a bit like a powerpoint  presentation.

This morning I emptied the trailer load of wood into the peat shed on the road and stacked it all neatly and now I will fill it again with chopped logs that are stacked on the driveway. I levelled an area beside my other shed in the garden and put pavers down in preparation for the roof to go on and I will stack wood under that after the roof goes on. Managed to clean out the gutters on the front of the house yesterday used a staging with two ladders and a plank.

The weather has changed a bit back to the drizzly weather we are more used to but its not too bad today, just overcast.

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