Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The fridge is dead long live the new fridge

Well the fridge expired so Angie went and bought another, it gets delivered on Friday, she also took back an electric kettle that was leaking and still under warranty so they replaced it with a nice new red one. The salesman told her it was a common failing, the welds weaken when the kettle is boiled and then filled with cold water. Excuse me if I,m wrong but is that not what you are meant to do to boil water? you would think that the whole product range should be recalled mind you all they need is for the welds to last until just after the warranty expires to have a great product range ehh.

So with the new cooker,new kettle, new tops and a new fridge the kitchen feels like a brand new one.  

There is a fine drizzle of rain this afternoon drying before it wets the ground, this is the first percipitation for weeks and the ground could really do with a bit heavier rain my pond is like Lake George in Australia near Canberra. Lake George dried out completely in November 2002 and remained so until February 2010 when it started filling.

Ireland has sold out of fans, the one we had gave up the ghost, sort of trend forming here ehh, there is not a one to be had in Galway thanks to the huge temps we have been having.

The batteries have been charging on the yacht overnight so it will be interesting to see if they stay charged.

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