Monday, July 1, 2013

Asleep on a train

I went into galway to pick up Alan off the train from Kildare where he should have changed trains but slept through the station so he was 3 hrs late lol. Angie was all for me abandoning him but I went to the movies to pass the time till he arrived, saw a black comedy called "this is the end" about the apocalypse, it was faintly amusing but I didn't fall asleep so it must have been better than catching a train from Waterford lol.

I saw there was Galway hooker racing on today at killkearan which is about half an hours drive from the house so Alan and I went to see that, being Ireland it had been cancelled or they had forgotten what day it was and so that was almost a wasted trip, when I say almost we were chatting to a bloke on the pier and he mentioned there was a boat jumble sale on in Inverin so we went to that and got some electrical spares for the yacht a crab trap and some fishing gear.

The weather looks ordinary and there is a 4 meter sea running today with westerly force six so I am not sure when we will get out fishing.

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