Friday, July 26, 2013

Jessy under the knife

Jessy has a solid lump on her throat, quite disturbingly large, so I took her in to the vets this morning. She had a wee operation and an xray to inspect and is getting out tonight with strong anti biotics. The vet isn't sure what is up and they took a sample for biopsy I think in case its cancerous. The lump grew really quickly and hopefully its just swelling due to a bit or something and not a tumor as the vet was saying if it was a tumor it would be a huge operation and we probably wouldn't go down that track. Anyway fingers crossed for her.

Today was dry and sunny and I got some grass/ thistles/ bushes cut along the roadside, I havent been doing much in the garden in the hot weather and it is growing like mad after that rain we had over the last couple of days. I,ve been kind of weary myself this last week or so and am in for an MOT with the DR next Tuesday for blood checks. Its not like me to be lethargic.

Having a lamb stew for dinner with celerac mash, califlower and new spuds from the plot. They have been really tasty the spuds and we have been enjoying onions peas and courgette from the garden too.

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