Monday, July 8, 2013

Forecast was right

Well the forecast for calm and sunny / hot weather was right, I dropped Alan and Angie off at the bus station about eight thirty yesterday morning in the drizzle and by the time I had driven half way home the sun was out, the day got progressively better until the sun set in a blaze of red. This morning has crystal clear skies a gentle breeze and the temp is in the high twenties.

Cut the big lawn this morning and the midgies had been replaced by clegs or horse flies their bites are horrendous and I spent the hour and a bit it takes to cut that lawn swatting them, punched myself in the face twice and once in the groin, you only swat horse flies on your groin once before learning the lesson the head takes two strikes. I will do the edges on that lawn and the other small one at the south end of the house a bit later on when it cools down a bit. It looks like sunny warm weather all week so I shall spread the lawn mowing over a couple of days. Hopefully Ron will be coming up this week so I will have company if I go fishing, infact if it is calm like this his wee boat would get to the west side of the Arans quickly and we could get into some really big fish.

The bushes on the driveway at the front of the house are out in bloom now they are covered in yellow flowers and look really summery.

It has been a great weekend for sport over here with the Lions thrashing Australia at rugby and Murray doing the same at the tennis, the next big sports thing is the cricket which I cant be bothered with so the TV will be freed up for Inspector Morse apart for the odd game of super rugby from the southern hemisphere until my fox sports subscription runs out.

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