Monday, July 15, 2013

Swimming in the Costello river

Been swimming in the sea and the river lately, the river is warm and the sea is about 17C and a bit warmer on sandy beaches that have an incoming tide. Went for a sail yesterday and caught a few mackerel and had a ling for dinner.

Angie in her element with her three dogs.

What do Pikies do on a sunny Sunday afternoon, they put deckchairs out on the road and cuss at passing cars as they are an inconvenience, cant blame them really I mean I wouldn't like someone driving across my lawn, thing is you cant walk down the road either or you get attacked by their wee guard lap dogs.

Forecast is for yet another seven dry sunny days with the heat climbing to 31C next Saturday, I shall have to invest in a fan before then as the last one didn't, last that is. Either that or I get a red van and a deckchair. 

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ML said...

hi,, I have a hard time finding you since you were hacked.. so glad to see you here.. I see you every so often. Angie looks great there swimming! It is sooo hot here...95 F so I barely go outside. How are you both feeling?? mary lou