Sunday, July 21, 2013

Snow in July

Spent yesterday evening with a bowl of ice water and a face cloth cooling off, only to find a fresh dump of snow on the bushes this morning, well it sort of looked like snow anyway.
The bushes are covered in wee white flowers, they didn't flower last year as far as I can remember they must like dry hot weather. Just back from swimming again the tide was out when we were down at the boat ramp today so it wasn't as nice as it has been when the tide is high but that didn't stop the whole family having a loll around in the water.

My echo sounder stopped working yesterday and it appears the battery's are low so I have a charger on them for tonight hopefully I have enough credit to run the charger all night, not sure whats up there as the solar panel has been keeping them charged fine and I ran the engine for a few hours yesterday as there was no wind when we were out looking for a beach with no one on it. The only thing I can think of is that there are two isolator switches on the boat and I thought if I open the both of them maybe the one on the column near the engine controls needs to be left isolated instead. I will give that a try.

Its overcast today and very Close, feels thundery and its very still again.

I smoked some mackerel we caught yesterday on the barbeque this morning and we will have to eat them as the fridge seems to have given up the ghost the top section anyway the freezer is still going, I have a load of ice blocks freezing and will try and cool the top bit off with them until we can get a new fridge. Just this alarm goes off ever eight hours or so which is a pain at 0300.

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