Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boiling temps

This is the readout from my weather station today, as you can see it has 35.6C outside temp and 24.7 in the house and very little breeze. Yesterday was the same and I think I had a mild case of heat stroke, had three cold showers during the day to cool off and drank liters of water but still had a mega headache by the evening which didnt go away overnight. Anyway I shouldn't complain about sunny dry weather as we dont get much of it here. I,m not doing any manual gardening today.

The traveling folk are back, they shifted a load of boulders the council had placed to stop them parking their caravans in a lay by about quarter of a mile from the house here. If I go out anywhere I need to lock everything up as they are not immune to helping themselves unfortunately.

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