Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sky tv

Well June ended pretty dreich infact I saw somewhere that England had had the wettest June since 1834, John and I got a wee bit done, made a sort of no maintenance rockery to the North of the house on a slope beside the new driveway, it was all muddy as soon as we got a bit of rain as the dogs run over it all the time. Anyway it has pavers, gravel, rocks and wood and should be easy to look after.

We got sky tv installed yesterday, the dish wouldnt get a signal on the gable end so he ended up attaching it to the chimney, it was fine for him to climb all over the roof but Health and Safety wouldnt let him go in the loft so I had to go up and do the cables up there, wonder if I could put a bill in for installing the cables in my own house lol.

The dongle internet reception is woeful at times and poor at best but it means I can get emails and do the blog anyway. If I have to transfer files for websites or anything I shall have to go out in the car and look for a better signal lol.

Got all the grass cut today before it started raining as John left about 0730 so I had an earlyish start, my strimmer is in for repairs so the edges didnt get done, if its not back soon I shall need to get the sycthe out.

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