Sunday, July 22, 2012

Progress report

My blog is getting more and more like a building progress report every day, I remember a time when I used to sarcastically blog about Sylvester,s Mummy and the Mufti, sounds a bit like a sequel to Tomb raiders, anyway theres not much happening in the world apart for my fireplace and heating system honest.

The finished thing will have tiles between the two plinths and a wood mantle and wood on top of the two shelves/ seats or whatever they are meant to be. I was going to stain/ varnish them but I'm not really a stain fan so now they will get painted a high gloss. The chimney breast will be that muddy grey colour and the bit behind the fire will be same light wall colour as rest of room so the fire stands out against it. The copper piping was run yesterday and 4 radiators hung ready to be connected, there is a wee thermostat which controls a pump which lets water from the boiler on the back of the fire to the 500ltr holding tank, that was installed along with the pump, the chimney breast was filled with a substance for insulation around the flue and there is a new cap on the roof.

There is a cacophony of swallows swooping around chasing flies over the pond and in amongst the trees making a wonderful din as they feast themselves. They are amazing to watch as they feed on the wing at breakkneck speeds.

The weather is back to being windy and moist again but hey this is Ireland what were you expecting son. All the plumbing is finished in my office so I have put everything back in there and am hot to trot with my website designing, I have numerous ones on the go at the moment including a guest house, a castle, a window company, a zumba dance class, a music tuition business and hopefully a pro photographer, anyway they have all paid a portion of the cost apart from the zumba and music ones who are for a friend so no doubt they will all call up at once to proceed further with their designs. No doubt as soon as the sun comes out lol.

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