Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well I have a family of Mallards on my pond, nice to see the wee ducklings scooting about.

I'm not happy with the company that was supplying my internet and tv via satelite, so its getting removed on Friday and Sky are putting on TV on Saturday. I wont have the tellephone untill I get Vodafone broadband installed which could be 15 days but I'm hoping I can borrow Angies dongle and connect it to my laptop to get emails etc. Not sure if it will be strong enough signal to run Skype.

I gave the walls a second coat of paint today and they look good, also burnt some bushes they ripped out when the tank was getting installed and its been a nice sunny day, I think tommorow is back to showers so I will do another wall paper strip. I havent heard back with any quotes but this is Ireland.

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