Thursday, July 5, 2012

thunder storms

Well today was severe thunder storms one which knocked out the electricity, which is still off. I'm blogging from a car park near the local shop as the "dongle" reception is better down here and the car isnt full of dust unlike the house. The new windows/ doors look great they just have to fit the front door and do some plaster work and clean up I hope lol, bliddy renovations are messy I had no idea just how much mess was involved replacing windows, I suppose they had to cut out a lot of cement and plaster as the new windows are a lot thicker.

My solicitor got the certificate for the tank today and I got a quote for the new fire and heating systems which I said yes to.

I had to go in to Galway Hospital for a meet with the public system cardio man, its free but I have discovered they make all their money from the car park charges and the fact that they get you to go in 3 hours before they are ready to see you, I was sitting in one waiting room for an hour and a half then an other for a chest xray for about the same time then had to join the q for blood work. I almost choked when the Dr said next visit would take most of the day, note to self take a novel as the mags in there are all womens.

The yachts arrived in Galway from the Volvo round the world series so the town is busy, if the weather is half decent on Saturday I might try to go out for a sail up towards Galway. I should have a tellephone line on in 8 days time so will try calling family and friends after that.

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