Friday, July 20, 2012

Finally back online

Well it seems like an eternity since I had the Onwave satelite disconnected and signed up with Vodafone for my telephone and broadband, wait a min it is an eternity, anyway this is me back online again. It only took 15 working days in the end but hey this is Ireland and the working week is only 2 days after all.

The fireplace should be getting plasterered tommorow and hopefully I shall get my living room sort of back to normality, saying that I have to lift the carpet and take off the carpet tack rails and the skirting boards and repaint most things. Today I'm painting bathrooms between things one coat before the rads go on next week. Will have three plumbers here over the weekend so there should be some progress.

I missed my internet, the dongle Angie has wasnt strong enough to use skype so I havent been in touch with anyone for the 15 days.

I see my neighbour is down at the river building a new bridge today so i shall have to go down and inspect at some point, I saw him this morning and he was saying the Pikies were down at the river last night, the neighbour owns the fishing on the river and the travelers have decided to camp in a passing place just down the road here( not good as they leave a heck of a mess, rob everyone in the vicinity and there are now 7 caravans parked there). I have my gates closed to stop Jessy from going out but have still had visits from them trying to sell me stuff probably on a pretext while they cased the joint. Thankfully I have two largeish dogs that make a heck of a row if anyone comes in.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robert, Love the home renovations! WOW you and Angela going to have a brand new house soon. You are doing such a good job with everything. Leona said the house and garden is terrifc. Hope we can see it someday soon.

Do you have a phone on yet? What's the number? We're probably going to be on the boat this weekend so if ya'll decide to call to pass on the number try George's mobile. We're up at Lake Maquarie this weekend and next before the builder puts the boat in the Sydney boat show the first weekend in August. Look forward to being in contact again! Gail