Monday, July 16, 2012

Remember the old fire place ?

Well renovating is such fun I must do more of it to be sure to be sure. I think every room in the house now is decimated with dust and ruble and tools and that. Remember the old fireplace? well its near gone and barrowloads of fill came out of the chimney breast.

The new stainless tank has pride of place in the hallway, its huge and has more places for inlets and outlets than you could poke a stick at, it was expensive but is future proof and can take solar pannels and all sorts down the track and thankfully it wont stay in the hallway for ever but replace the existing electric emerser tank in the hot press.

The wall in the small shower room off the hall has gone and in a few days when the plaster goes off I shall paint it and after the radiator goes in there will lay some lino I think and maybe tile it down the track.

The kitchen ceiling has been renewed they ended up putting up new battons before the plasterboard for extra strength. And the Archway is also up and drying out.

Went out fishing with Sacha and caught about a dozen and kept six decent sized Pollack.

Harvested some veg from my garden the zuccini went mad

Have copious quantities of them and onions, carrots, lettus beans and peas and spuds.

The weather has been pretty hopless for Sheanas stay but that hasnt stopped us in any way from having a good time.

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