Friday, July 6, 2012

windows in and looking good

Well the windows are in let the big cleanup begin. They made o good job of installing them but sheeeze they are mess. Anyway I have till Wednesday before the next round of works begin. I got the rest of the hallway stripped of wallpaper it was a big job but apart from some cracks that I have filled the walls look in good nick and should take paint well. Tommorrow I shall give them an undercoat or two of white then decide on a colour.

The electricity came back on about 9 pm last night and today was mostly dry so things have started to dry out a wee bit, the midges were horendous today but at least they had more target humans to attack not just me.

The wood along the bottome of the door has to be knocked out in a couple of days when the cement has gone off and I need to give them a wash tommorrow as the silicon will have set.

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