Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bonny day

Well the weather took a turn for the better for a few hours so I had a wee bonfire of some branches I had cleared, 6 months of fine weather could see me manage to have enough bonfires to clear all the piles of debris I have accumulated lol. Lady Harrington is coming to check out the garden with her Gardner I suppose the place is still hers so I didn't have a problem, I hope she isn't shocked by the transformation as I have been pretty ruthless ripping dead bushes out and parts of the place look like a bomb has struck.

Lots of buds appearing on plants and a few primroses have popped up, hopefully there won't be a cold snap. Angie is away to Wales with work so I have the place to myself tonight and I won't have to watch Piorot infact I think there's rugby and darts on.

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