Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well I had to go to the dentists today, had to get a filling and a wisdom tooth has to come out :( apparently they don't do anything bit like an Irish council road worker then. Angie recons the dentist bill will be my birthday present nice of her ehh. Other parts of the body that don't seem to do much are the intrinsically ear muscles, Male nipples, The appendix, Plantaris muscle in the foot, The coccyx and sinuses.

There is a chance tomorrow may be dry but I shall wait and see, this afternoon I repaired some cracks in ceilings in one of the bathrooms and the porch, they will need sanding and painting the next wet day I get.

Tonight's dinner is lamb roulade and potatoe gratin and pan boiled veg, don't you just hate those poncy food terms.

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