Wednesday, January 25, 2012

signs that spring is coming

Snowdrops among the trees

The Camilia is starting to bloom and I have a couple of huge Hydrangeas that are about the same size one is blue the other pink.

I got my pal Keith,s wife Marett to translate an advert for website design into Gaelic for me, sort of "you need a website cos la de da" it's about 5 paragraphs long and she hand wrote it, I,m having to type it out and a lot of the Gaelic has accents over vowels so you have to go to special characters in the menu and it's taking me ages to do. I,m finding it hard to get motivated this year probably because the house sale is taking so long and I,m not sure if we will be here if it collapses. The like of getting cards printed with the new address is all expense anyway what will be will be.

I have about half a trailers worth of peat left which is good as the whole trailer only cost 40 euros and it's been over three months since I got it. The shed with the peat in it has a load of rubbish in it that I need to dispose of so I can put the bikes in there so that's another job I,m delaying till I own it. The shed will need a new door and also a lock on the other door if I have the bikes stored there, I have been chatting with the local shop owner and he will let me leave two bikes outside his place with an advert. I,m hoping my Mom and Dad get across for her birthday in April and we may have a visit from sheana in February. There was a boat left here by the owners which would be fine for fishing out of come the summer and it will take a 6 hp engine if I can get my hands on a second hand one. It will also make a handy tender for the yacht.

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