Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RTE news now

I,m sitting here watching channel 5 on Irish tv free to air, the show is called Morning Ireland, I know cos there is a paper banner bluetacked on the wall behind the headphone clad presenter. It's a really strange show which looks like its made on a primary school kids pocket money, the camera shots are all from the one place in a ceiling corner in a small room with one circular table, like with a webcam. Anyway the weirdest thing is they will all just stop talking and there will be silence? This can last up to 5 mins, the first time I was looking around for the remote and had unplugged and replugged the sound system back in. Then a wee light will flash on on their table and off they go again. They all have HUGE headphones on and mics the size of a table lamp with bright blue foam rubber baubles. It's really annoying so I am turning over channels to "what not to wear" see if I can get some hints with what to wear.

Its blowing a gale here again and hail showers are gracing us with their presence this morning. The news had lots of trees down and electricity off for lots of the West of the country but we seem to have survived intact. I shall have to ring my parents as they normally get the same or higher winds as we get here only a few hours later.

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