Monday, January 16, 2012

50 years old

Well I made it to 50 :) and just to prove that I'm really grown up and sensible I mounted the stag/boot/ dog head thingy in the garden behind a rock outcrop near the cave.

You have to be 50 or 5 to appreciate it fully so I shall understand if it doesnt get rave reviews and make it into Modern Art of the year awards.  Angie gave me a weather forecast station for my birthday and I have mounted it as well, Dad had the same one and his disintegrated in the storms this winter so mine has been adapted for quick release if I have winds over 100 mph I shall take it indoors untill the weather passes mind you we are in the tropics in comparison to Luing so it will probably be fine, also the trees round about shelter us here, if they start falling around maybe thats the time to move it.

Hopefully John is coming up this week and we shall cut down some more trees, I have a huge limb over the drive at the gate which is in the way of high loads like my boat getting in so it has to go and her Ladyship didnt have any problems with me removing it, when it is felled it will go over part of the road so I will need at least one other person to stop cars etc and help me clear the road quickly.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and cards etc.

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