Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ICD checkup

Well I was in Galway today for an ICD checkup at the university college hospital and instead of charging over 100 euro it was free which is always nice, they also registered me with a cardiologist in there who is free and the instal of a new battery is also free so that takes a weight of my mind as I wasn't sure how to get it replaced and how much it would cost.

It was a dry day here and I had a ball shopping in the supermarket with all the variety and stuff I can't get here in Conemmara. Tonight I,ll cook smoked cod on a bed of mashed pumpkin with baby chargrilled veg for a change. The dogs just had half hours frantic exercise as I cut 4 ft all round the dogwood bush near the pond and they are flat out recovering, Angie worked from home today and babysat them while I was out at the hospital which was better than them having to sit in the car for ages. She had a 50 euro gift card for tescos supermarket which I didn't take long spending.

It's almost half past 5 before its dark now and every week sees a difference in the length of the days, it feels like it has been a long winter with all the rain and wind we have had this year, last year was sunny and freezing but I much preferred that.

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