Wednesday, June 1, 2011

visit to the cop shop

Well I had to appear at the local Gaurda Station with my driving licence and insurance documents, due to the petrol pump thing. I have 2 licences a paper UK one valid until 2032 and a photo Aussie licence which expired yesterday. Anywayyyyyyyy the paper UK licence had the Sergent a little confused, he was convinced I was entitled to drive heavy goods vehicles including passenger vehicles and NOT cars, I can imagine you all nodding your heads there in bemusement, what country in the world would let you drive (oops almost typed "feckin") road trains and not a Peel P50 (worlds smallest production car) ? apart from Ireland ehh. Anyway after he handcuffed me to a radiator I managed to tell him that the Australian one was definitely a car licence  and could we use that one as it was in date until 30th and the bump was on the 29th to be sure, holy cow what if he converted the time to Aussie it would be close to the 30th and I'd be Kerry Packered. As you can see, due to me blogging I was released, pending further investigations, I'm thinking of skipping the country may try moving to some country where the locals have IQ's over 50.

Its raining today again, May has made up for the great April weather by being pretty woeful, Angies mom is 80 on 7th July so I'm thinking of driving over as Angie has work in Wales the following week and they would pay the car ferry journey. Mark will run the bike hire for me for that week which consists of twiddling ones fingers if the weather is like this. I'm also hoping to have my friends Di and Maddie and their partners pop over around the 20th July and maybe Mom and Dad prior to the Scotland visit. Could be a busy month, unfortunaly my pal Lynne from Canada couldnt make it this year as her traveling companion pulled out.

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Must organise :-)