Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Consumer sentiment weakened in June, recording its lowest reading since February, as consumers become increasingly concerned about the ongoing debt crisis, possible interest rate hikes and household charges. What is consumer sentiment? The Consumer Sentiment Index is a monthly report (electronic) produced jointly by the ESRI and KBC Bank Ireland. What the heck is ESRI ? hang on I'll google it.  Environmental Systems Research Institute. Ok so the population of Ireland is concerned about the ongoing debt crisis, possible interest rates and houshold charges, I wonder how much they paid out for this startling monthly report.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm fed up of hearing gloomy news, the sun is out the sound of lawnmowers reverberates as folks take advantage of the weather. My Mom and Dad arrive for a wee visit tommorow so I have cut the grass and may try and launch the boat on Thursday
 I saw on the news two police dogs died in a car from the heat, I put my two in the car if any customers come round so I better be carefull, mind you I leave the windows partly open.

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