Sunday, June 12, 2011

back to rain

Well my pal Keith and his girlfriend visited from Scotland and we went for a sail on Friday, the weather alternated from very nice to dismal blustery showers which werent forecast but the nice parts made up for the showers. Put the boat back on the trailer as the weather forecast was bad and took her back to the house only to have a lovely day on Saturday lol typical. I didnt want to leave the boat at the pier this weekend as the pikeys are in town with the travelling shows and the outboard may have gone for a ride in a caravan.

We found a new place to tie up near Ashford Castle with just enough water to float at but it should be nice to spend a night there with the castle lights in the background.

Had a boozy Friday night which didnt set me in good stead for yesterday, anyway we had a ride on bikes through Roscahill woods with the dogs running alongside in the morning and lunch out at the pub but not even a Guiness at lunch could get me going again, getting past it so I am.

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