Friday, June 24, 2011

lack of blogs

Well I havent been blogging much at all recently ehh, I have been busy with website design and to be honest sitting at the pc after a days designing isnt as much fun as it is if I have been out and about. The bike hire is about successful as Coco the clown's bid for the Americain Presidentship, thanks to rubbish weather and a lack of tourists.

My parents are coming for a visit this next week and I shall be driving back with them to Scotland and picking up Sheana and Sacha who are coming back with us. I hope the weather is better as May / June has been woeful. John Eagleton, forecaster with Met Eireann, said that after a chilly June things are finally set to improve this weekend. "We've only really had one real summer's day this year. That was the Friday before the June bank holiday," he said."Sunday is the big day, we should get 21C to 24C in most places, with the east and the midlands likely to get the best weather."

The west isn't predicted to be as fortunate with conditions likely to remain misty and drizzly.
Weather is due to become unsettled next week, before picking up again for the following weekend.
But Mr Eagleton believes the first two weeks in July will be a crucial.
"I'm a bit of a believer in St Swithun's Day (July 15) to be honest.
" If the first two weeks of July are wet, you can throw your hat at the summer," he said.

Going to look at a house for sale near Cong on Saturday it looks lovely but heaps smaller cong house for sale The price will have to be negotiable right enough as I would have to build a garage or large shed at the least to accomodate all our junk.

Apple will release a new iPhone with a faster processor in September, according to reports.The new Apple iPhone will have a faster processor and an improved camera, according to Bloomberg, which cited “two people familiar with the plans”.
The report said that the new iPhone would be upgraded to include the same A5 processor found in the iPad 2 and that it would have an 8-megapixel camera - an improvement on the 5-megapixel version found in the iPhone 4. The new phone will launch in September, Bloomberg said.
The report follows another rumour from technology blog Boy Genius Report, which yesterday claimed that the new iPhone would have “a radical new case design” - possibly one that was “teardrop-shaped” and would be launched in early or mid-August. My Iphone is looking weary but I shall have to rent a few bikes before I can get a new one.

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