Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vets, frets and a large Creche lady

Well today was the day the dogs love to hate, it was Vets day. Now I have had some experience in the past with attending the surgery, wee Roory used to try and eat the vet if he threatened to insert anything up his anus, I'd probably do the same! Ishan peed himself with worry over the needle, I'm not that bad but after having my near death experience thingie and a spell in the hospital with things sticking out of veins and twice daily blood removal I dont care for them either. Worst I ever saw was a Croatian lady Dr trying to get blood from Angie after her car accident, she must have had 8 botched attempts at finding a vein and Angie was covered in bruises from her attempts, nurses are far better I recon.

Anyway Gus went first, Jessy waited in the car, he was fine sitting in the waiting room, fine getting the jab and I thought golly gosh this is too easy, or thoughts similar. Gus back to car Jessy to surgery and she got hers no worry, then I asked about Kennel Cough, it required a nasal spray which we managed to give Jessy, but when I returned her to the car got Gus and tried to give it to him he managed to jump off the bench reverse out of his collar run through the surgery waiting room shouting "Feck that" in doggy language out onto the pavement where 4 of us got him cornered and a large lady from the Creche, who has "experience with children" jumped him.
Now Mother, the word "feck" is not a swear word I checked and it, the origins of the word 'feck' are Irish or Scottish. In early 19th- century Britain, the word meant to 'keep a look out", right enough I'm no sure why the dog was yelling "keep a look out" but hey.

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