Wednesday, April 20, 2011

shhhhhh was that a mouse I heard?

Ooops sorry its just sooooo quiet here, I'd make one woeful Dad so I would 10 days of a 10 yr old and I am pulling my hair out, well I would be if I had any, na I'm kidding it was fun having a young visitor for a change, instead of all you old buggers oops kidding again. One thing I do know if I'd have had bairns I'd have gone deep sea in my merchant career.

We have had a wonderful spell of weather here, perfect for me really with temps touching on the low to mid 20's and sunny, I've actually been burnt a couple of times and invested in some sun screen yesterday. 

In the case of Mr Tucker I'd like to say "Goodonya Australia" this, lets call him lowlife wally has been deported because he failed a character test, he failed the test because he attempted to murder a police man and served time for that and another assault after he was released. His family emigrated to Australia when he was 6 and he never bothered to get citizenship lol good. I think its wonderful that Australia is deporting him.

American state and federal correctional authorities held 88,776 non-citizens in jail at 47,102 dollars a head in 2009 that is $4,181,527,152.00 I think that number is 4 billion 181 million 527 thousand and 152 dollars but I may be an Irish banker, anyway its a lot ehh, why doesn't Ireland take them off Americas hands for half that, feed them potatoes and provide them with the same health care as the rest of us get ie bugger all and we could pay back the EU loan.

While I was walking through my forest, quietly, earlier I started comparing Australia and Ireland and their pros and cons, now this will be controversial but its just my opinion, so if you don't agree that's kewl start a blog and make up your own list. OK Australia has a better deportation record in my eyes than Ireland, today anyway.
 Its heaps cheaper to live in Australia, when I say "heaps" I mean like it costs half.
Australia has far too many bureaucrats and one tier of government too many, and its going down the American you sue me and I'll sue you path. Ireland doesn't know what a bureaucrat should do, they have lots of them but they are totaly incompetent.
Theres not even flippin post codes here and a street can have 3 different names. Australian place names are kinda kewl Wooloomooloo.
Australia is Green, well actually is a sort of burnt colour but people are more interested in keeping the country pollution free than here, here the government slaps a 2100 Euro annual tax on a new petrol car in a pretence at cleaning up the environment where the same car can "commercialise" and pay next to no tax, suddenly blacking out the rear windows gets rid of fuel emissions, maybe its summat to do with if you can see the smoke from inside the car? And if you have a 40 yr old deisel with injectors last cleaned in 1979 that you can see whilst flying across the country to the USA with the amount of smoke it blows, its kewl thats got no tax on it either.
The Guiness is better here.
Australia has a lot of sun, it can also be unbearably hot, Ireland has a lot of rain and can be blinkin cold, but both places can be really bonny.
I enjoyed jumping in for a swim in warm water in the Aussie Autumn. *note* buy a dry suit for Ireland.
Australian speed cameras suck, they are just a revenue maker.
Australian Police aren't a patch on the Gaurda.
There are too many Indians in the Marine Service Board in NSW and too many racists in the country as a whole.
Australians think that Australia is the center of the universe, well actually Paul Keating got it right one time.
I haven't seen a single blinkin leprechaun since I arrived and think it may just be a tourist gimmick.
The wildlife in Ireland has been well and truly shot, in Australia if you venture out at night you can still run over a speed hump in the bush and know that it was a wombat not an unmarked  method of slowing you down.
There are lots of dangerous animals in Australia, anyone that says that they are just out in the bush miles away from civilisation is lieing and is probably employed by the tourist office. I was pulled backwards by a shark that fancied eating the fish I had on my spear fishing line, saw heaps of redbacks in Kurnell and a memorable red bellied black snake, got Sydney funnel webs in George's garden, lots of blue ringed ocy's in the bay, got two workmate put in hospital in Newcastle with snakebites.
Irish are a good crack but they are all depressed due to negative equity in their homes, Australians think they are a good crack.
Australians have schools that are more interested in sport than education, all of them.
The Irish are more laid back than Fijians.

I might continue this later if I'm not stoned, no I havent taken up drugs silly, I mean dont have bricks hurled at me.

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