Friday, April 22, 2011

bricks, tics and other things that end with "s"

Well I never got stoned, giggling here imagining all the dopeheads that are googling the word "stoned" getting my blog as a hit. I actually got a couple of emails saying how funny they found my writing, so I paid them and got to wondering what on earth they had found so funny cos I was perfectly serious. Not the dopeheads the people reading my blog.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy, I heard in the news at breeakfast that Doctors had removed Toole from intensive care, I was only half awake and imagined a load of Indian Doctors wrestling a sphygmomanometer through the hospital. Sphygmomanometer sounds kinda reptilian ehh. Of course they were talking about Peter Toole who had the bad fall on the Grand National race day, no not Peter O Toole he fell down every day apart from Grand National day.

A young woman has been rescued after getting into difficulty while swimming in Co Donegal this afternoon.
The alarm was raised by a member of the public at around 4pm after they spotted the swimmer in the sea at Bundoran.
She was being helped by another person and was eventually brought ashore by the RNLI lifeboat, I think maybe her problem may be of a mental nature.

The suspect device found at Swords garda s Forces deployed the team to the scene outside Swords garda station in response to a request by the gardaĆ­ station has been classified as a false alarm. An Army Bomb arrived on scene at 3.30pm and carried out a controlled explosion on the device which was located underneath a vehicle.
Further examination of the device found it to have no explosive content, "Turnip?"  and the scene was declared safe at 5pm.

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