Friday, April 8, 2011

More drama for the ferrys

Remember the German goose ? (Ship that was to take 2 ferry's that had been sold abroad) well her replacement ship managed to drop one of the ferries 12 meters back into the sea when a sling they were using broke. Accidents happen and in this case 3 men were aboard the boat when it got dropped, as a skipper we alleviate the gravity of accidents by taking care, in my opinion the German Goose, didnt take care, he didnt listen to the harbour master when he said not to anchor there, and put lives and his ship at risk and now this latest ship allowed men to be on the object that was lifted, this is a no no and they were lucky noone was seriously injured.

Well thats that out of my system lol Its a lovely day here and I should be sailing not blogging but I'm putting it off untill Sheana arrives and hopefully it wont rain all week.

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