Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tigger and co

These are the three cats I'm feeding for my neighbour, two of them he has rescued from starving as they were roaming wild, but even after 2 months they are still really flighty, the smaller one of the two's eyes are like saucers when I go in with their food. Today was mostly dry and the wind has dropped down, almost good enough to put my boat in lol.

A Russian billionaire has paid $100 million (€70m) - the highest price ever paid - for a single family home in the US, according to reports.The 25,500sq.ft home in Los Altos, California, has five bedrooms, I have 6 na na na na mind you I dont have a ballroom or indoor and outdoor pools and infact the six bedrooms arent mine either lol I'm just renting them.

I see in the paper that "A western lowland gorilla has been born at Dublin Zoo, it announced today" I didnt realise gorillas could talk.

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