Tuesday, February 22, 2011

technology rools

Well the neighbours invited us round for dinner on Sunday night and we had a lovely meal with them and another couple, the man was an eye surgeon and not sure what his wife does. Was a great spread with lobster as a starter and game pie for main I made a wee blooper mistaking mallard duck, or pigeon, or pheasant for venison (there was no venison in it  lol) so from then on if I required something passed ie the cheese platter I would ask for the venison. What a "goose" ehh, I'm sure it was the prescence of all the eniment surgeons. Anyway the house is perfect, only thing its missing in my view, is A view, ohh and some acerage apart for that its a cracker of a home. The reason I'm rabbiting on about this was (rabbit !!! giggle) there was a comment about how they didnt like google maps and especially the street view, I love it myself and heres another application of how good it is, my iphone has a wee program called Motion x GPS which can track where I go walking so click here to see todays ramble through the woods  http://maps.google.com/?t=p&z=15&ll=53.386639,-9.231613&q=http://share.gps.motionxlive.com/shr/x/kmz/d3102eaecb2a834fb498b71536516a7a I didnt go as far as I normally do as it was raining.

Wishes go out to everyone affected by the earthquake in NZ those in the way oif the cyclone in Australia and the Lybians that are being bombed by their own leader. What a world we live in ehh.

I'm again looking at getting a boat, its called "Isa Ma Bota" which I think may have a name change at some point, anyway she is a really clean example of the Magregor 26 X trailer sailer and the seller is including all sorts of extras to woo me like a dingy, hand held VHF, Weber barbi, and a GPS that werent on the initial inventory.

Thats her without her mast on, they used her as a powerboat most of the time which is great cos the sails haven't been hardly used, the reason I would like this particular brand of boat is that I can store her on the trailer at the house and not have to worry about bad weather, she is easy to tow/ launch and retrieve, light with the water ballast out, fast under sail and very fast under power to get back before the weather gets up, and she also has next to no draught with the keel up and water ballast out so the whole lake here is explorable/ fishable. Cant wait.

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