Monday, February 7, 2011

RIP Gary Moore

Was sorry to hear that Gary Moore, one of my favorite guitarists, died over the weekend :( I just watched a gig of his last week on Sky, it was on about 0830 in the morning, not a normal time for me to sit down and watch the tv but i was looking for a music channel to play as I did my chores and happened on him and I ended  up late doing my chores lol. He was from N Ireland and I was kinda hopeing I could have gone seen him in concert now we are close to his old stompin ground.

Finished the Owenriff boats picture at last

I'm pleased with it and have started another of a Galway hooker (Boat, not Hairy Mary) and I'm using the palette knife rather than fiddly wee brushes as I tend to get carried away with detail.

Theres a destinct kind of Spring feeling in the air today a few showers and sunny intervals but mild and claming down again after the storms we had last few days.

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