Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well I did another couple of quick oil paintings

If my brother in law John comes to live with us here, I'm going to ask him to try selling them along with his stuff on a stall at the local weekly markets. Its hard to put a price on paintings, if you asked for an hourly rate they could sometimes cost an arm and a leg and folks dont seem willing to pay, maybe its cos your stuff is rubbish Rob?
I have had a couple of jobs on the computer fixing this week and just had a call from the volounteering mob to ask if I would be interested in doing repair work in folks homes, lol I didnt want to say that I'm not the best odd job person as I tend to jump straight in with the hammer but hey I'm doing it for free ehh.
It has been a typical West coast day today, drizzly, but that doesnt stop Gus , Jessy and I doing our wood walks, I very rarely miss a day walking in the woods and clock up over 2 miles every outing, must be good for my heart and the dogs love it. Another thing I have to look into is commercialising my Subaru, at the moment the road tax is E2100 per year and if I get it registered as a commercial vehicle it costs next to nothing. I would have to remove the back seats, level the foot wells and put up a cargo barrier, sometimes the back side windows need to be blacked out as well but its the only way I can afford to keep the car and we have the Ford if anyone comes to visit they can be run around in it.

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