Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glad to be home

Well I was only away for a week and I know I'm always slagging the Irish about postcodes etc but it was nice to get back to Oughterard  yesterday. I had my first workout in 8 days and a good walk and didn't put on any weight while I was away, according to the scales, so am happy about that. The dog kennel owner had a laptop with corrupted windows files on it that wasn't working so I have sorted that up today and will get some money off the dogs accommodation last week.

Its a bit windy today and rain this afternoon clearing to a fine day tomorrow, Oughterard seems to get a lot less wind than I was expecting. Queensland is expecting Cyclone Yasi, expected to be a classified 'category 4' by the time it reaches the coast. That is the second-highest category and would be around the same strength as Hurricane Katrina and the strongest to hit Australia since early 2006. Cyclone Yasi, currently in the southwest Pacific, is expected to make landfall near the northeast military town of Townsville with wind gusts of 200- 260km/h, but with damaging winds along more than 1,000km of coastline.

Connemara  Stilettos

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