Thursday, February 3, 2011

signs and more signs

Well every tree / post beside the road that doesn't have a real estate sign on it now has a vote for me one. There appears to be 6 political parties in the running Fianna Fail (certainly failed last time) Fine Gael, Labour, Green Party, Sein Fein and the United Left Alliance. The only candidate I know is Cllr Thomas Welby as he introduced himself at the local small business community meeting I went to, seems a nice bloke and his mustache also seemed friendly (I thought at first it could have been a small hamster).

Its been the windiest week since I arrived in Ireland but not a patch on Queensland which was battered by Cyclone Yasi, I saw a boarded up window on a shop in Cairns that had "kiss my yasi" painted on it, such is the Aussie spirit and I'm sure they will bounce back quickly, thankfully I havent heard any reports of any deaths.

I have a pal in Ontario Canada who has been shovelling snow for the last week, I see there was up to 40 cm's forecast, thats a lot of snow. I'd be requiring a snow blower being a bloke and liking toys.

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