Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the Dail is dissolved

The Dail was dissolved today, sounds like an Indian disprin ehh but its the Irish parlament, Bifo made his speech commenting on how he feels as he is leaving politics, " In every government department in which I served, my overriding objective was to do my best by the Irish people" he is now going to rebury his head in the sand as he hasnt had any offers to be a  financial advisor apart from one from the Raving Loony party in the UK.

A Russian diplomat has been asked to leave the country after a garda investigation showed that Russia's intelligence services had forged Irish passports for use by a US-based spy ring. Irish passports are highly prized by secret agents and terror groups because Ireland's neutral status means that its citizens are welcome in most countries.

My Camela is bloken, it was a wee digital Panasonic Lumix which gave good results I recon, I'd love to get a digital SLR but they are out of reach at the moment and also Angie has a Fuji FinePix 8 MP that I have commandeered, I'll have to experiment with it to get the full potential from the camera.

Well that was yesterdays blog I forgot to post it, soooooo I had to google forgetfulness of course, Occasional memory lapses like forgetting where the car is parked are not signs of early Alzheimer's, but doctors still aren't entirely sure how much forgetfulness indicates a greater risk of developing the full-blown disease.

The problem isn't that you can't remember where you put your keys from time to time, it's that once you find the keys, you still can't recall that you put them in that spot. The problem isn't forgetting a single appointment, but a pattern of blanking on important events or responsibilities.
Or, as Dr. Barry Gordon of the Johns Hopkins Memory Clinic puts it: "Miss an exit on the highway once, that happens. Miss it five times and that’s another story." Ok what was I blogging about? Whats a bog again? bugger me I've burnt the mince!!!

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