Monday, February 21, 2011

Charity visits Vancouver Island and Hawaii

Well the bear has been on her travels again, she has done now over 23,000 miles and her last stop was Hawaii . She is off now to Sydney for champers on the harbour ? who knows, maybe she will even get her pic taken with one of Tracy's Possum pals.

I was out and got a quote for bikes on Friday so as soon as I can get the money I'm investing in ten and opening up the Robbo's cycle side of the business, already there are a few tourists around so I may even put the bikes on credit just to get things going.

Also getting one of these and a carrier for the back of the car so I can deliver the bikes if needs be.

I'm not sure what sort of child seat to go for though, I saw one that had the child on a seat that was suspended on to of the crossbar so basically  the child was between your arms as you held the handle bars and I thought thats a good safe way to do it but apparently the childseat aft of the normal seat is better?

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