Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stupid sausage

Well I often lecture my customers about downloading "free"stuff that ends up infecting their computers etc well I went and tried to get a free serial key for some software and as a result have had to spend the last 4 hrs formatting and reinstalling windows and software back on my laptop as I downloaded malware that corrupted windows.

IT'S an Aussie classic but now there's a new version. Vegemite's latest incarnation - a spread that mixes cream cheese with the original formula - has been christened after a three-month, nationwide naming competition.Kraft Foods yesterday announced the winning name: Vegemite iSnack2.0.
West Australian web designer Dean Robbins, 27, beat more than 48,000 entrants to come up with the winning name. Other entries suggested were Ruddymite, Wow Chow and 2ritemite.I personally like the "2ritemite" myself although the "i" phenomenon is very topical.
Acting Queensland Premier Paul Lucas has appealed to the family of teenage sailor Jessica Watson to call off her around-the-world solo expedition, after a report suggested she was inadequately prepared.
I agree Paul and I think the sponsers of her little venture should be held liable for any costs involved when she needs rescued from the Southern Ocean.
I was hoping to have got out fishing with Paddies son Blake while he was down on holidays but the wind has been howling all weekend so we didn't get out. This site has really good graphs for the weather here and it is pretty accurate.

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