Monday, September 21, 2009


Well I didnt realise that goldfish would eat other fish untill I discovered the tail of one of my smaller fish sticking out of the mouth of the bigger goldfish. Here was me blaming wee Jack (boy who fed my fish when I was on holidays) I thought they had died and his Mom had burried them down the loo or summat, but it looks as if they had been eaten alive by Hannibal nee Angus.
Researchers in Switzerland have been able to make paralysed rats run again, using a treatment that could eventually help humans with spinal cord injuries."We used a combination of electrical stimulation, [a] different site on the docile aspect of the spinal cord, and adjusting drugs to transform the circuits from a non-functional state to a highly functional state," the researcher said.
"Indeed, after we did the stimulation, 10 minutes later the animal is able to walk and to stand on the treadmill continuously."
The rats could not initiate the motion, but they were not just reacting to the treadmill.
Once the limbs had been reanimated, the scientists then trained the rats for two months, changing the speed and direction of the treadmills.
The nerve circuit was able to process what the treadmill was doing and activate whatever muscles were needed for the rats to get faster, to move backwards, or to go sideways.
"It is still involuntary in the sense that this is not the rat consciously engaging the neural network in the spinal cord," he said.
"However - and this is the surprising finding - the network of neurons in the spinal cord really have the capacity to make decisions on their own."
I think this is what I require to do an excersise regieme.

A 1.3-metre bear has been shot dead after attacking nine people including tourists at a bus terminal in a mountainous area of Takayama in central Japan. 1.3 meters thats about 4 and a half foot, it was trapped in a souvenir shop, hardly supprising it attacked, they are renown for overcharging , I myself have felt like attacking.

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