Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Derigging and frozen brakes

Well I had a good day today, it was sunny and warm and I spent the day taking the yachts mast off and derigging it and getting the boat ready to put on her trailer for the winter. I could have been out sailing but mucking about on the boat is the next best thing. One of the brakes on the trailer was jammed on so I had to to take the wheel off and use the Irish screwdriver ( hammer) to sort that out. This year I have taken the spreaders off the mast and totally derigged it instead of just dropping the thing into its cradle and leaving the wires on. Its better doing it this way as everything gets inspected properly even though it takes longer.

The rubber dingy was deflated and I moved the other trailer onto the down ramp to the shed where I had the yacht trailer all summer so it is out of the way there. I will put the bikes and dingy in it and cover it with a tarp as the shed is pretty full.

I am hoping to get my Mom and Dad down for a visit in the next couple of weeks I was looking around at all the things that have been done since they were here last and they include the new septic tank and percolation area, a new down ramp to the shed, new gravel on the widened driveway, new doors and windows, new paint on the exterior of the house, a new bathroom and two bathrooms with new tiles on the floor, A wall removed in a bathroom, kitchen tiled and a new ceiling and archway between it and the living room, new stove, wood floors in the living room, central heating from the new log burner, insulation in the ceiling, most rooms stripped of wallpaper and painted and lots of trees and bushes either chopped down or trimmed. Not bad going really.

Working on a website for Galway Cardiology department at the moment and still have Corrib agricultural and environmental services, Balinasloe garden center, Irish Connemara Ponies, a builder and a couple of others still to get back to me with content for their sites, if they would I would be quite busy lol.

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