Thursday, September 19, 2013

The skitter chase

Well what a morning I have had so far. Woke up and had a nice hot shower and waddled through to the living room to find that at least one of the dogs hadn't made it through the night without a toilet break actually they hadn't made it through without 12 and it was in a nice spray format. I was gagging. A roll of kitchen roll and a quick mop let me get a lot of the furniture out  then I set to work disinfecting the place. This is deckhands work, anyway the chase bit was when I was trying to get young Ben outside he kept running around through the spray effect adding to it probably cos he was scared at my expletives poor wee  &*$%^£$%. He managed to get out into the hallway "ohh nooooooooo" ohh yes and then into the laundry the spare bedroom and the porch leaking all the way.

I haven't had breakfast yet dont feel quite up to it yet, I'm trying to think what gave him such a bad case and am putting it down to Rowan berries as I noticed yesterday both him and Jessy were busy eating them when I was working outside. The two big dogs are on a bit of a diet but he was still underweight I guess he is even more underweight this morning.

Stripped the wallpaper off my office walls and gave it a coat of paint over the last couple of days so it is fresher but my elbow was aching like mad by the time I had finished the cold weather makes it ache too so I may keep a look out for a support sleeve thing see if that will help, I am kind of sore in a lot of my joints so am wondering if I should ask the Dr to up my prendisone drug as it gave me these symptoms when I was weening off it in Australia and the arthritis expert thought it was because my body wasn't producing enough of its own steroids anymore. Old age doesn't come alone, it comes with dog doodaa apparently.

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