Monday, September 16, 2013

Not many boats in

Well it dried up for a couple of hours so I got 5 barrow loads of soil spread and  a few punnets of brambles gathered, Angie is making a bramble / apple tart for desert as I type. I also went down and checked the boat moorings, she is fine and sheltered in my wee corner of the marina, below is the oyster yacht I mentioned in my previous post and some boats in the harbour today, I thought there would be more considering the weather but they may well be sheltering in the Aran Islands as it is 2 hours closer to the fishing grounds and probably more craic there.

He has renewed the standing stainless rigging and had her sand blasted and checked for osmosis which she passed with flying colours, the self furler was damaged by sun and rain exposure so he had to buy a new sail there but the rest have hardly had any use. She is the sort of boat you could sail anywhere, wish she was mine. 

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