Thursday, October 10, 2013

Been a while

Well I haven't had a good old blog for a while so I thought I had better get you all up to date with the midgies and whatever. I was hoping to have had my parents down for a visit but unfortunately my Dad managed to dislocate his hip, twice, each time needing a helicopter ride to Glasgow to reset it, so we have postponed the trip until after he is repaired. He sounds a bit like a robot there ehh, well he is a bit like me, have being fitted with new bits, mine is the elbow.

Its a bonny day out and no midgies wooohoo maybe they have dissipated for the year, it was only 5C this morning when I got up at 0600 to wave goodbye to Angela who was off to Dublin for the day and a two hour course. Managed to get all the grass cut, hopefully it wont need too many more cuts this year now, it has been hard work keeping up with it over the summer, every nice day the bugs were out in clouds and gardening with an audience isn't fun especially if the audience is eating you alive. 

The yacht is safely in the garden for the winter covered in a big tarp to keep the falling leaves off her, I have to go down to the marina office with my pass key at some point, in fact that is my next job for the day. Got some nice fresh Cod off the fisheries research vessel yesterday so I might just make that famous New Zealand dish "fush and Chups" for dinner tonight.

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