Monday, September 16, 2013

another wild day

Well its still blowing hard here with intermittent heavy showers and sunny breaks, I,m in and out of the house like a yoyo and the dogs are covered in mud from the soil spreading.
Listening to Radio Scotland and the World Service online in the showers, there was a good discussion on wind farming on the other day and it was interesting to see that 99% of the people phoning in were anti wind farms. The spokesman / expert was of course a government employed (so therefore pro wind) wally who came out with the same old rhetoric that we hear all the time like the huge amounts of jobs that will be created, how wind farming produces no Co2  etc etc all total lies. There has been no news about the wind farm here but then again they can stall for as long as they like I suppose.

Angie is at a First aid course today it must be about the tenth one she has done, the last one I did was the Ship Masters First aid which was much more in depth, giving intravenous injections and the like. When you do the basic first aid over and over it gets a bit boring, mind you they change CPR every course you go to, weird seeing the position of the heart hasn't changed recently. She is going offshore (England) tomorrow for a couple of days.

I should go change the bedsheets here till the sun comes out again.

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