Thursday, September 12, 2013

Putin in your money's worth

Well I was not a fan of President Putin's dealings with the Chechen republic but his NY times article regarding America and Syria makes a lot of sense. Why is it  that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States? In my opinion it should be the United Nations that do any policing of the worlds affairs. Anyway that out of the way what else is happening? hmmm not an awful lot really, I got a 2nd hand PC tower and have it connected to my TV and surround sound, this lets me get Netflix programs now which are heaps cheaper than Sky tv. I can also use it to play music etc etc.

Today is misty and calm, great midgie weather again, the last couple of days I have managed to get a bit of soil spread so the front of the house is almost ready for grass seed. There were a lot of stones and weeds in the soil so it needed a lot of raking, I still have about a ton left to go out of the 16 tons.

I see Sydney has a lot of bush fires already this year, they are early and I hope they don't have a really bad bushfire year this year, they seem to follow cycles, I suppose the undergrowth gets a few years to build up a fuel then a dry summer and wooosh the whole place is ablaze. I couldn't have a garden like mine in Australia it would be full of snakes and spiders and be a huge fire hazard.

George and Gail are setting sail from Cairns tomorrow for a 4-6 day sail across to the Lousinaides then they spend a month or so in the islands there cruising around in a flotilla of yachts. There is a girl from Skye going with them as crew who does a lot of sailing, I think she arrives from Scotland just hours before they have to clear customs so there is some anticipation to say the least. I hope they have a good sail in nice weather as I think my sister in law is a bit scared and it would be nice for them to have a quiet first cruise up to now they have just been port hopping up the coast. There is nothing like the clear sky at night out of sight of land doing a watch at sea in calmish conditions.

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