Monday, September 9, 2013

Wallpaper stripping

I spent a good part of the morning stripping paper off the walls in my office here which is one of the rooms I haven't done any work on decorating, looking around the interior of the house needs done again. I shall let the walls dry out properly and fill some wee cracks before painting this time I'm an awful hasher when it comes to decorating I need it finished today. The reason I was decorating today is not due to bad weather, its a nice calm dry day out, its just the midgies are awful out there, over the weekend I took down a tree and ripped out a big bush and I had to cover up entirely because of the wee bugs, that meant long sleeves, my sun hat with the wrap around neck face flap, glasses and gloves. I put a lot of the tree through the mulcher and the big bush got dumped behind the percolation area (out of sight out of mind). Its easy cutting trees down its getting rid of all the small branches that is hard.

I had enquiries from a cardiologist and a flower shop for websites over the weekend turns out the cardiologist was one I visited myself in Galway, he is in the private sector but I had to go public when I discovered the battery and surgery for my ICD would not be covered by medical insurance as it is an "existing condition" and I have to have the insurance for 5 years to qualify and the thing will be due to be replaced soon. I get a lot of enquiries about websites, some pay a fee I ask for before starting work and then I either never hear from them again or they call back 6 months to two years down the track. Thats Ireland for you.

If you are like me you will get fed up with the news as it very rarely contains anything apart from misery and suffering. I was glad to come across a website that does the opposite its at and it has motivational and emotional news videos I particularly liked this advert that Rupert Murdoch tried to have banned from Aussie TV on the run up to the elections down there as it is really Australian Mate

My skype phone is down at the moment as my credit card was renewed and the expiry date etc changed, so the skype and other direct debits from it all stopped working. Other ways to contact me are by email or on my mobile 0871615645 or by skype on the computer or you could shout loudly over the front wall I suppose, so I am not total incommunicado.

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