Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well done Andy

Wtg Andy Murray, he looked more relieved than happy after winning the USA Open tennis but he doesnt smile a lot anyway. What a summer it has been for sport the Tour de France, Olympics and the ParaOlympics, USA Open, Volvo Ocean race concluded at Galway. London must have been an awesome city to live in this year with the Queens Jubilee as well.

Today is a lot cooler and I had the radiators on for an hour this morning for the first time, today has heavy showers and sunny intervals and it blew hard last night. Today is more painting and housework and I may get to do some firewood between the showers. The electrician is either coming tomorrow or Thursday to install an RCD, new ceiling pendants, new lights in the kitchen, globe type light fittings in the bathrooms, a couple of sockets and make any junction boxes in the loft safe. I think he will take two days. Next week the floor in the living room is getting done, I will have to go out this weekend and get the materials, going for a light oak engineered wood floor which should really look great in here.

I,m looking at taking the Subaru to the UK to try and sell it as noone in Ireland wants a 2.5 ltr petrol car as the road tax is over 2000 Euros a year, its not as easy as I was hoping as the car was built for Australia not the EU so it doesnt have a conformity ticket. Having a deisel vehicle here is the only way to go.

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