Monday, September 17, 2012

How handy is cow dung ?

Well while out walking today the two and a half miles from the marina the boat is at up to the house, i observed some cattle near the river and got to thinking, as you do, about dung. Now amongst some of the weird things I discovered about the pat online was a website at , as the name implies they produce clocks out of cow dung, not sure how they get the cow to eat the clock right enough but what a wonderful present for Jeffrey (my most adored ex boss) it says everything ehh. "we took your crap now take ours" "congratulations, you dung great in your field"
As well as clocks I found out that dung is used for making ,Pens, plant pots, milk jugs, fuel, concrete, Cow dung vanilla for shampoo, Tooth powders, Facial cleansers, Incense, bio gas, housing, fire lighters, and the list goes on, my favorite is the clocks though.

As well as my walk I managed to hack down a few hundred square meters of bracken so am noe enjoying a can of pear cider before dinner, making a pork roast with roasted veg and creamed leaks which should be nice. The electrician put in the RCD and new lights yesterday and will finish off on Tuesday, it takes about a week for the wood flooring to be ordered so I shall do that tommorow.

Ohh there is a cow dung bingo game here in Ireland too, they mark out a field in squares and sell them for 5 euros each then a cow is introduced into the field and well let's say motheR nature takes her course and the winner is the person in who's square the nature,s course is taken, clever ehh and great for also introducing patience into out hectic lifestyle.

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