Monday, September 10, 2012

Furniture moving

Well I had a good day today moving furniture around the house, took my bed to bits and put it and the bedroom furniture into the onsuite bathroom. Put the bookcase and big lounge into the bedroom making it a snug for when the lounge is getting its new floor done. I wanted to have as much furniture out of there so I can paint the ceilings and not have to struggle moving things around. All that is left is the tv and a couch and chair so tomorrow I shall give it a paint. We will use the spare bedroom for a while and after the floor is done I will move the furniture back in and start on stripping the bedroom walls so I can paint them.

The lounge looks huge with hardly any furniture in it and is echo filled. The kitchen tiles look brilliant and all that needs done in there now is three lights to go up and a wall to be filled again and painted and do the section of bench top with the sink in it but I may leave that a wee while. It looks like a wet week coming up so painting will keep me amused.

Angie's company is moving to Dubai and she was offered to keep her job if we moved there, I really love camels, sand and temps in the high 40,s and tea towels ohh and no bacon  and the fact that the fairer sex are treated better than family pets so I was really really disappointed when she said she might give it a miss. Things may be tight if she is out of work but we haven't starved a winter yet so we are not panicking ohh there was that one winter we had to gather whelks in the snow in Skye but we weren't really starving. Gus will really enjoy being at the beach anyway regardless of if it's snowing. Whelks sell for about  170 cents a kilo about 70 euro a bag but I haven't seen many on my visits to the shore here lol.

Ohh well I may go have myself a bacon sanny a dram and go stand outside in the drizzle and 11C for a while before bed.

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